Vacuum Killer

Have you ever wonder what vacuum smell is?

We have all smelled it at some point while cleaning the house. That unique scent while you sway your body as you maneuver the vacuum cleaner around furniture. Every vacuum cleaner we come across has that same recognizable scent regardless of the brand or home.

To understand what that “Vacuum Smell” is we first need to have a basic understating of the four basic parts to all dry vacuum cleaners.

  • Intake – Where air and dirt is sucked into the unit.
  • Motor – The powerhouse of the unit that creates airflow.
  • Vacuum Filter – Porous device for capturing dirt.
  • Exhaust – Where air from the motor is forced out.

Vacuum Cleaner Smell is Harmful


There are three fundamental problems.

1. The first problem is that dry vacuum cleaner bags and vacuum filters clog and lose power greatly reducing cleaning efficiency. In order to maintain maximum efficiency, you must replace the vacuum cleaner filter after each cleaning. This is expensive and still not the best solution.

Dirty Vacuum Filter Affect Suction and Performance


2. The second problem is that fine particles are able to pass through the pores of a vacuum cleaner bag or vacuum filter. While you think you are cleaning, you are actually spreading fine particles around the room.

Vacuum Cleaner Smell Comes From Dust Particles Passing Through The Air


3. The third problem is that the inside of bags and vacuum filter containers are breading ground for bacteria. This is worsened when picking up liquid spills as it introduces a damp environment.


Yes! That famous Vacuum Smell is a bacterium growing in a habitable environment and being forced out into the air you are breathing, while completely bypassing the vacuum filter.

FACT: Many vacuum cleaners actually contribute to unhealthy living conditions.

  • Bacteria thrive and multiply in warm, dark, and filthy places.
  • Bacteria are often the source of objectionable odors such as the vacuum smell.
  • Each time you run your vacuum cleaner, odors, bacteria, and unhealthy air bypass the vacuum filter and are emitted back into the air in your room.


There is a way to use the power of nature to clean your home without incubating bacterium.

The Rainbow System is nature’s cleaning solution. It uses water to cleanse surface dirt, airborne particulates, allergens, dust, and man‐made contaminants. The rainbow’s cleaning efficiency is always at its peak… because there are no pores in water to leak dust or clog up. The rainbow safely picks up liquid spills and will not produce the famous Vacuum Smell.

Rainbow Cleaner vs Vacuum Cleaner


Clean, pure air is just as important as clean food or clean water. Schedule a presentation to learn how the Rainbow System can help clean your home without adding hazardous air pollutants to your air.

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