To Whom it May Concern,

I am the proud owner of a Rainbow Cleaner that I purchased around 6 years ago. Even after all these years I continue to love (is love the correct word?). Okay, REALLY ENJOY my rainbow. It is and continues to be one of the best investments I have ever made. I use it almost daily on my tile floors, carpet and furniture. I even shampoo my carpets with it. No more expensive carpet cleaning companies in my house. I also use it as an air cleaner to clear my air from contaminates. From the time it became part of the family and even today, it does everything that the sale man promised it would. I highly recommend this cleaner. It is truly in if a kind.

#1 Rainbow a Cleaner Fan
Mary Gramenidis

Dear Rainbow Consultants,

I am a rainbow owner for over 17 years. There is no other system like it. I still can’t believe how well it works. I am amazed every time I clean my carpet. When I remodeled my house (mainly tile throughout) I thought what I would do with my Rainbow, I have more tile than carpet. Well, my Rainbow is the best thing for my tile also.

I hired someone to come and clean every couple of weeks for me because I was so hectic at work and she brought her own vacuum. After she cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms she would vacuum the rugs. Well the dust that was sent throughout the house was unimaginable. Guess where it all settled? It was all over my kitchen counter, dining room table, and everywhere else. At this point I had to introduce her to my Rainbow and she fell in love.

I will never use another system. My husband just turns it on next to him when working to filter the dust in the air. Thank you so much for making such a quality product. I’m a client for life.


Mrs. Brandy Morrell
I love my Rainbow!

Dear Peter and Edda,

I am writing this letter about a product we purchased from your company. This product was the Rainbow Cleaning System. At first, because of the price, I was a little apprehensive about purchasing this product. After I realized that we had not only a vacuum cleaner, but an air filter system, a wet vacuum, a steam cleaner, and not having to purchase a vacuum every two to three years, I realized that the Rainbow is worth the money.

In my house, I have two boys, a dog and a husband. My house is active and can get dirty in a quick minute. But now that I have the Rainbow, I know that once I clean the house it is really clean. My oldest son suffers from allergies and I was relieved to find out that his Allergist was not only please with our purchase, but she recommends it and owns one herself. My husband loves the system so much that he gives me no problems when asked to vacuum. The Rainbow is great with pets, I have a black lab that leaves black hair everywhere and the Rainbow picks it up with ease.

After years and years of cleaning with standard vacuums, changing filthy vacuum bags and watching dust fly around and around, never leaving my house, I am glad to say those days are gone forever. I am now confidant knowing that my house is really clean. I am really glad we purchased the Rainbow Cleaning System and have recommended the Rainbow to our friends and family.


Katherine J. Visco

Dear Peter and Edda,

As I reflect on when we first met Peter in 1990, when he demonstrated the Rainbow in our home, and how my husband said, “We need that!” I realized it was one of the best decisions and investments we have ever made!

Back then our daughter was not yet one, we had another on the way, and then another precious child THE RAINBOW is the only vacuum type cleaner they have used. My husband has allergies that are a big issue when regular vacuums are used; he always felt and saw the dust that was emitted from them.

As our children were growing up we always had rugs in the bedrooms and at least in the living room and the Rainbow never ceased to amaze us at how well it gets the sand that is tracked in – out of the carpets and how easy it cleaned the floors. Of course, once you own a RAINBOW, you want to dust the lampshades, drapes, over the doorways, the furniture and the mattresses… and put all the dust and dirt in the water and never sneeze at the dust as you clean!

Our children are almost grown now with on in college and one right behind. We have tile throughout the house including the bedrooms and I am still so grateful that we have a RAINBOW. When I clean there is no dust in the air. And dust does collect readily on tile! In 2006, we up-graded to the new model with the certified air cleaner and we leave it running on the air cleaner most days.

We are complete satisfied and happy with our RAINBOW and would recommend it to everyone. We all have to keep our homes clean for our health benefit and why use something that will actually endanger your health and give you more work to do by emitting dust?

Thank you Peter for stopping by that day in 1990!!


Rita L. Chamberlin 🙂

Hi Edda,

It was a pleasure speaking with you again today.

I’ve really wanted to let you know how much we love our Rainbow. It’s so hard to get all the dust and dirt off tile floor not to mention getting DEEP into the carpet with any standard cleaning system. The Rainbow has far exceeded our expectations in cleaning the tile, carpet, cushions, drapes, car console – you name it. The nozzle barely need only get close and it takes up everything in an instant leaving noting behind or in the air!!!! Furthermore, using the system to clean the AIR inside the house has really helped out 1 year old who suffers from Asthma.

Please let me know all the types of scents that are available. I enjoy the most Mulberry, Fresh Air and … I remember a Jasmine years ago when my Mom used her system when I was a little girl.

Thank you again!

Kindest Regards,

Kim Kless