Pet Cleanup

How to remove pet odor and pet stains the easy way.

You love your pets and you love having a clean home with spotless carpets. Unfortunately, these two loves often do not align with each other. Most pet owners cuddle with their pets on the couch, snuggle with them in the bed, and take them on holiday trips. Our four-legged family members leave all sorts of hair and debris around the house.  Many times we are forced to deal with the dreaded pet stains, worst of all the urine stain.

Cleaning after your pet does not have to be a hassle or an agonizing ordeal.

Pet Odors:

Remove the pet odors by eliminating them from the source. Aerosol air fresheners only mask scents for a short time. You want to remove the pet odor from the air and at its source. First, remove the stain or debris that caused the smell. Next, deodorize and aromatize the air with a longer lasting oil-based scent.

Clean, freshly scented air is as important to your health as clean water. While you aromatize your home from the pet odor, you can simultaneously clean the air you breathe indoors. Rainbow allows you to utilize the pure power of fresh water to gently circulate any of the Rainbow’s many concentrated fragrances into your home environment. Click here learn more about Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy


Pet Stains:

Pet stains are absorbed deep into carpeting and upholstery. If you do not act quickly, the contaminants will be absorbed into the fibers, releasing odors into the air through everyday activities such as walking.  Using a dry Vacuum is not enough; you need to use shampooing formulas to remove deeply trapped contaminants.

Clean, pure air starts with a clean carpet. Rainbow is a certified environmental cleanup tool for your entire home! It easily removes non-vacuumable pet stains caused from grease, oils, spills and pets. The shampooer attachments scrubs, cleans, reconditions and deodorizes your carpets and upholstery. Click here to lean about the rainbow shampooer: Carpet Shampooer


Pet Hair & Debris:

Cleaning after your pet is as simple as staying on top of the situation. You want to vacuum frequently and make regular sweeps over the home to pick up hair. You want to avoid vacuum cleaners that that use bags and filters because they will clog and lose power, greatly reducing cleaning efficiency. Furthermore, inside of bags and filtered containers are breading grounds for bacteria.

There is a way to use the power of nature to clean your home without incubating bacterium. The rainbow’s cleaning efficiency is always at its peak… because there are no pores in water to leak dust or clog up. The rainbow safely picks up liquid spills and will not produce the famous Vacuum Smell. Click here to learn what is vacuum smell: Vacuum Smell


Rainbow System is an All-In-One system designed to replace all other household-cleaning tools. The Rainbow System is nature’s cleaning solution. It uses water to cleanse surface dirt, airborne particulates, allergens, dust, and man‐made contaminants. Schedule a presentation to learn how the Rainbow System can help make cleaning after your pets easy.

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