Virtual Demonstration

Rainbow is a member of the Direct Selling Association. The manufacturing company and the independently owned distribution centers do not conduct traditional advertising such as TV and Radio advertisements. The Rainbow appliance is sold by presenting at home demonstrations of the unit and accessories. People love what they see, they provide referrals so that their friends and family can experience what the Rainbow has to offer as well.

The only way to experience everything the Rainbow has to offer is to schedule a home demonstration. Each demo is unique to the situation and depending on when your demo is scheduled, the demonstrator may have additional incentives for you at the time. However, we at feel that in order to make informed decisions it is best to have some insight on topic at hand. The following video clips are a small collection on the main points given at a typical demo. We encourage you to ask your demonstrator to elaborate on any part that catches your interest.

Feel free to watch any topics that peek your interest or watch them all to get an idea of what a home demo would consist. Friendly tip: Have you ever wondered what “Vacuum Smell is?” If so, make sure you check out “Ineffective Traditional Cleaning Tools” and “Issue with Vacuum Filters.”

Rainbow Demonstration Samples

About The Rainbow Company

What’s In Your Air

Washing The Air

Ineffective Traditional Cleaning Tools

Issue With Vacuum Filters

All In One Cleaning System

Vacuum Vs Rainbow

Minijet Shampooer

Rainjet Electric Mop

Rainmate Air Freshener

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