Carpet Shampooer

Did you know that cleaning your air starts with a carpet shampooer cleaning?

Carpet cleaning eliminates trapped pollutants. Several sources of indoor air pollutants and airborne gases can get trapped deep within the carpet fibers. These pollutants can be released into the air through everyday activities such as walking across the carpet. Shampooing formulas remove deeply trapped pollutants with high-powered vacuums.

Why spend money on expensive professional carpet cleaning services or carpet shampooers when the Rainbow System is an All-In-One system designed to replace all other household-cleaning tools. The Rainbow System is nature’s cleaning solution. It uses water to cleanse surface dirt, airborne particulates, allergens, dust, and man‐made contaminants.

Maximize your Rainbow’s cleaning capability with the AquaMate carpet shampooer attachment.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Ready any time you need it
  • Easily removes non-vacuumable stains caused from grease, oils, spills and pets.
  • Cleans, reconditions and deodorizes your carpets
  • Dries quickly


Shampoo Your Carpet With The AquaMate Accessory for Rainbow Cleaner System


Put stain removing power in the palm of you hand with the MiniJet carpet shampooer attachment.

  • Easy to set up and use at moment’s notice
  • Shampoos, scrubs, and removes dirt and stains from smaller carpeted areas and upholstery
  • Long 10 foot hose
  • Refillable tank
  • Perfect for carpeted stairways, closets, small area rugs, sofas, chairs and upholstered furniture, pet stains and vehicle floor mats.


Carpet Cleaning with Minijet Accessory for Rainbow Cleaner System


Clean, pure air starts with a clean carpet. Schedule a presentation to learn how the Rainbow System can help remove hazardous pollutants from your home carpet and air.

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