About Aqua Air Systems

The Rainbow cleaning system has been the exclusive product of Rexair LLC for more than 78 years. Its legendary water based filtration system has made Rainbow known the world over. Today the Rainbow cleaning system is sold in many countries around the world.

Here at the South Florida office located in Ft. Lauderdale, we offer sales and service for the amazing Rainbow. Our office has been in this location for over 20 years. The service technician has also been with us for over 15 years. We pride ourselves with excellent customer relations and service. We are family oriented and care about families’ health and wellbeing. Our goal is to share with you a healthy, clean way of living like Mother Nature intended it to be, through water filtration.

Our company also offers opportunities without limits.

Come by and visit us.

Peter Image

In Memory of a Great Man December 1949 to August 2013

“Life is Good!” – Peter Buttimer

Peter Buttimer founded the Fort Lauderdale office in 1987. Peter and his wife Edda Buttimer were recruited by Paul Vidovich, Mike Holhman, and Ken Bashford. They offered him a distributorship in Broward County, Florida.

Peter fell in love with the Rainbow business and all the benefits that came with it. Especially the income. He was highly impressed with the Rainbow system and over time he grew to believe in the machine. He was amazed that such a small product had no competition.

Within a few months he was able to open his own office and had recruited several sales people. By the first year he had developed a large team and was promoted to RGD (Registered Sales Director) and was given the territory of Broward County and the Palm Beaches.

Peter has won all sorts of fabulous paid vacations and many gifts. All through his efforts in Rainbow.

On August 23, 2013, Peter went home to the Ultimate Rainbow in the sky with the Lord. To be the biggest Rainbow Distributor of all, in Heaven. All of us will miss Peter. His teachings, principles, discipline and morals will always be in our hearts forever. Especially his favorite sayings “For Pete’s sake” – to remind us its ok to get frustrated but always look at things on the bright side and “Life is good” – to remind us to always live life to the fullest.